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Mina Villegas is a paint pouring artist based in Southern California.  She and her Husband of Awesomeness (HoA) create beautiful paint pouring tutorial videos for her YouTube channel,  Mina Villegas Art.

Mina started her professional career as a Doctor of Chiropractic, then married and became a full time Mom to two beautiful daughters.  When the kids were both in school, she started working with succulents and fell head over heels in love with the colors and shapes and textures.  She then started her own landscape design firm which created gorgeous Succulent Tapestry landscapes for residential and commercial business properties.  Her use of color in plants and rocks and weaving them together was a launching pad for her art journey. Choosing the right colors and creating pleasing composition has always been one of her strong suits. She began paint pouring in October of 2018 and has been learning and teaching ever since.  She has participated in Art Shows around Los Angeles and taught many students the basics and more advanced techniques of acrylic paint pouring.  Her easy-going attitude and sense of adventure and experimentation create some gorgeous artwork and a welcoming learning experience for students of all levels. 

Her classes discuss color theory, consistency for different techniques, working on big canvases, tips and tricks of the professionals, using negative space, and creating beautiful composition in your artwork. 

Mina and her Husband of Awesomeness live in California with their two teenage daughters, their cats (Zen & Ming Ming) and their new puppy Baxter.

In Mina's classes you will learn canvas prep, pouring recipes and everything you need to know to pour the perfect pours. The course breakdown is as follows -


Beginner Class 1/2 - Ring pours and Fantasy pours

Intermediate Class - Wandering Straight pours and Wandering Ring pours

Art by Mina Villegas Art

All Sessions by Mina Villegas Art

Beginner Class 1

10:00 - 12:00PM

Beginner Class 2

01:15 - 03:15PM

Intermediate Class

04:00 - 06:00PM

Buffet Dinner - Q&A (all artists)

08:00 - 11:30PM

DAY 1 Nov 12, 2021
DAY 2 Nov 13, 2021

Beginner Class 1

09:30 - 11:30AM

Beginner Class 2

12:45 - 02:45PM

Intermediate Class

03:30 - 05:30PM