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Britt Clayton Design
Britt Clayton Design

Britt Clayton Design

Britta is a fluid acrylic artist living in Houston, Texas. During the day, she works as a Project and Administrative Coordinator for a local remodeling company in Houston Heights, which enables her to draw much of her inspiration from both the bold and subdued styles and colors of decor she sees in her day job. She believes that art should not only be the focal point of a room, but also a reflection of your inner self, whether it be simple or chaotic.

Raised in New Mexico throughout her teenage years, Britta developed a deep appreciation for the color and beauty of the southwest landscape that inspired many of Georgia O'Keeffe's works of art. In fact, Britta's home decor was southwest inspired for over 30 years, centered around warm earth tones and cool splashes of bright colors. "It is the artwork that creates the ambiance and mood of a room. Your artwork should be your center point, and everything else in the room should compliment it."

Britta’s works of art can currently be found on display and for sale at the Art Machine Gallery in Houston, Maison Pucha Bistro restaurant in Houston Heights and Chez Nous French Restaurant in Humble. She also holds local classes for those interested in learning the art of fluid acrylics.

When she isn't paint-pouring or recording tutorial videos for her YouTube channel, Britta enjoys playing golf, watching movies, rooting for the Astros at Minute Maid Park and experiencing the fine culinary delicacies to be found all over metropolitan Houston.

In her personal life, Britta has four grown children, three grandchildren and three feline fur babies - all local rescues - that include Addy and Bubba, both Siamese and acquired at 2-weeks of age and bottle-fed, and an adorable Calico named Spice Girl.

Art by Britt Clayton Design

All Sessions by Britt Clayton Design

Day 3



8.30am - 11.30am

Have you ever wondered what makes an Angel Wing pour so difficult? This
technique is truly a test in patience, that’s for sure. To be successful, every aspect
of an angel wing pour comes into play: amount of paint, pouring medium,
consistency and tilting. In this class, you’ll learn how to mix your paint and what
consistency it needs to be. You’ll learn how to lay your base coat down so that it
guides you when you’re tilting your composition. And you’ll learn how to
methodically and delicately tilt your canvas to get the spectacular results you’re
looking for. Britta can help you learn a traditional wing pour, or you can choose to
put a different spin on your results like she does. You’ll leave this class feeling
much more confident with this technique and excited to try it again once you get
home. You’ll be pouring on a 10x20 canvas for this class.

Day 3



2:00pm - 5:00pm

This class will help you take the Open Cup technique to a whole new level by
using Amsterdam Pearl paints to create a magical, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The
pouring medium you’ll use in this class creates a different effect than you’re used
to seeing with this technique. Your colors will be subtly peeking out from behind a
dark base, giving your entire piece a glowing, 3-D effect. You’ll learn the ratios and
how to mix your paint, what consistency your colors need to be and what types of
additional complimentary colors can be used in your pour. You know how Britta
loves to tilt, so expect some lessons with it as well! You’ll love the effect so much,
you’ll want to play with this technique often! You’ll be pouring on a 16x16 canvas
for this class.

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