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Amber Goodwin Art
Amber Goodwin Art

Amber Goodwin Art

Amber Goodwin is a multidisciplinary artist and native Dallasite. Her passion for art began at the age of 12 when her mother enrolled her in a glass painting workshop where she created free hand paintings with relief paint and Pebeo Vitrail glass paint.
She received her bachelors in science in biology and a minor in fine art. During her junior year in college she exhibited her first water color floral exhibition. Upon graduation Amber continued to create art as a hobby while continuing her higher education. It wasn’t until she saw one of her mentor and now good friend, Rinske Douna’s Youtube channel; that sparked her interest in fluid art. To further her interest she came across the great Youtube channels of Masse Art Studios and Pieces of Tara Artistry and was completely in love with the variety of outcomes fluid art offered. Fluid art has allowed Amber to combine her science and research background and most recently she has been experimenting with fluid and 3D texture art.
Amber is fond of incorporating big bold colors in her paintings. She finds her color inspiration from the neighboring and great state of New Mexico as well as her Punjabi heritage. Not only does she love creating art, but also has a passion to teach others. She has instructed in-person and virtual classes and absolutely loves to teach. Her ultimate satisfaction is when her viewers and students achieve the results and success they were looking for.
When Amber is not creating art she is busy with her position as Practice Administrator for the Texas Health Dallas and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Hyperbaric Research Department. She enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children, husband and her extended family. In her spare time she loves to cook, travel, go to sporting events and Zumba.

Day 1




In this class you will learn step by step how to create a simple acrylic pour background by
creating simultaneous puddles with your acrylic paints and tilting your 16x12 inch canvas to
create an intricate design. This design will serve as the background for your dot art. In addition
to creating your beautiful background; you will receive a second 11x14 inch canvas that has
been pre-poured and dried to practice your dots. You will also learn how to mix your acrylic
paints to create your background as well as how to mix your dot art paints. I will also show you
tips and tricks to make your dot mixture thick or thin depending on the look you are going for
and also how to troubleshoot. You will also receive in-depth information on the products such
as pouring medium and paint brands that work the best. The possibilities are endless with this
fusion and I am excited to share this combination with you all.

Day 1



2.00pm - 5.00pm

In this class you will learn how to create a serene Ocean Wave, created all out of 3 dimensional
dots. I will show you how to create your wave pattern on a 14 inch round canvas by using a
blending brush to create an ombre background to act as a guide for your dots. We will also
discuss what paint brands and pouring medium recipes work the best to achieve your 3D Dot
Ocean Wave. I will also dive into tips and tricks to help you create the perfect Dot Ocean Wave.
I will teach you how to mix your dot art paints to achieve the correct consistency so you can
make a cool wave. I am so excited to share this new composition style that utilizes my love for
dots and pointillism art.

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