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Meet the Artists

From my early days as a potter in Upstate New York to today, creativity has always played a pivotal role in my personal and business pursuits.


Resident Artist
COZ Creations Art
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Resident Artist

Masse Art Studio comprises of two Abstract Acrylic Artists (Lee & Jeremy aka the Show Pony) who are studio partners as well as partners in life.

I am a fluid artist from Wisconsin. I live a lovely life with my handsome husband and 2 pups. I have been “crafty” from very early on in life.


Resident Artist
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Kanella Ciraco is an internationally known Fluid and Resin Artist born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She has been working with acrylics and resin for the last 4+ years.

I'm Marcy, the artist behind Mixed Media Girl, and I've been an artist my entire life. To me, it’s like breathing. It’s as simple as getting up in the morning and putting on clothes.

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The day I learned how to create the bloom patterns changed my life. I was drawn to the technique because of its clear and distinct lacing and cells.

I was born and raised in Colorado in the mountains by a loving family. I fell in love with art at an early age. When I have a creative idea, it comes fast and I can barely rest until it's executed.

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Garrick is a mixed media artist with a specialty in fluid acrylic pouring. Garrick has been exposed to the arts, music and creative spaces all of his life.

Maryland native Gina DeLuca has always dabbled in some art form or another. In her younger years, it was drawing; one of the few things she was allowed to do when she was “grounded”.


Cole Newman is an action painter who works across many mediums, primarily pendulum painting, and hydro dipping.He has recently been featured on NBC’s Texas Today, Art Insider, Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, and more. 



Britta is a fluid acrylic artist living in Houston, Texas. During the day, she works as a Project and Administrative Coordinator for a local remodeling company in Houston Heights, which enables her to draw much of her inspiration from both the bold and subdued styles and colors of decor she sees in her day job. She believes that art should not only be the focal point of a room, but also a reflection of your inner self, whether it be simple or chaotic.

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