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Studio 15 Acrylics
Studio 15 Acrylics

Studio 15 Acrylics

Brian is a self-taught acrylic fluid artist living in Lebanon, New Hampshire. When Covid hit in 2020, Brian and his husband, David, purchased their first and forever home. While looking for art to hang in their home and not finding anything in the stores that they loved, Brian fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and discovered amazing artists like Mina Villegas, Sarah Mack, Molly’s Artistry, Kanella Ciraco and Masse Art Studio. From there, he started attending the Sunday premier train, getting inspiration to create his own art and thus began his YouTube channel.

When Brian isn’t creating art, he’s flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant for JetBlue Airways. Raised in Hampton, Virginia, Brian was a professional roller figure skater for 20 years. After retirement from competition, he transitioned to coaching teaching skaters from the age of 6-40 and had many of his pupil’s win on the local, regional and national level. You can see Brian’s skating videos on his skating YouTube channel.

Before becoming a flight attendant, Brian worked at a paint manufacturing company in Virginia for 13 years so working with colors is right up his ally. Brian loves working with bright and vibrant colors and you can see that in his work.

Brian is a member of Lebanon Arts and Crafts Association. Every November and December the association rents out an empty store and all the artist bring their art to the store for patrons to purchase. Brian’s art can also be purchased on his website,

Brian and David have 4 Havanese dogs. When they named their dogs, they wanted to give them human names. One of their favorite television shows is the Golden Girls, so it just seemed natural to name their dogs after characters of the show. So, they have Sophia, age 6, Salvadore-5, Angela-4 and Stanley-2.

Day 3




Do you find yourself asking “how do I get cells” or “do I need to use
silicone to get cells”? Without any fancy ingredients, you’re going to
learn how to achieve beautiful cells and by disrupting the pour, you’re
going to create whimsical abstract lines that when stretched out, create
a gorgeous painting. You will create a one of a kind piece of art on a
16x20 deep edge gallery wrapped canvas that you can take home. In
this class, I’ll show you how I mix my paints using Liquitex Gloss
Medium and American Floetrol for the perfect consistency. We will
discuss tilting and negative space to create a gorgeous composition.

Day 3



2.00pm - 5.00pm

You’ll create ribbon-like or circular patterns that twist and turn across
the canvas. This technique involves layering various colors of paints on
the canvas and then using cell activator and a tool (palette knife) to
swipe through the layers, creating cells and lacing. You’re going to
paint on a 16x20 deep edge gallery wrapped canvas that you can take
home. Through tilting, you’ll learn how to stretch out the cells and
lacing to create a fun and beautiful abstract composition.

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