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My process is an exploration into the utilization of gravity within art, the laws of physics translated to a canvas. More specifically the use of a pendulum to spread paint on a canvas in unique patterns with an emphasis on texture. Jackson Pollock’s Cathedral was an early inspiration for me - seeing that piece at the Dallas Museum of Art was the first time I understood that art is so much more than drawing a pretty picture. Provoking that epiphany in others is what drives me as an artist, and my work is a deconstruction of the notion that art can only be created by the few. It is a fundamental act of expression which we are capable of creating.

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Cole Newman is an action painter who works across many mediums, primarily pendulum painting, and hydro dipping. Based out of Dallas, Texas, his artwork has captivated millions of people around the world through his social media channels. He has recently been featured on NBC’s Texas Today, Art Insider, Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, and more. Cole recently held a private event entitled “Triptych” in downtown Dallas where he created 3 paintings in front of a select audience, resulting in positive feedback from guests and collectors.

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08:30am, 9.30am & 10:30am and then 2.00pm, 3.00pm & 4.00pm daily

Want to spend some One on One time with the Pendulum Guru? Now you can! 

This class will cover all the things you need to become a pendulum painting master and you will be making a HUGE 4ft by 5ft piece to take home with you!  Dont dispair, this will be a canvas panel that can be rolled up and transported very easily, even shipped from the event for a small fee.

There are no accidents and no wrong answers here; let out your inner child and come play in Cole’s Classroom. I will cover all the necessary supplies, steps, techniques, and nuances of action painting including paint types, a pamphlet on how to do it at home on a small and large scale, and how to get different patterns while painting. One of of the best things about action painting is that there is no such thing as a mistake, your art will just get better and better the more you do it.  Your most beautiful piece of art is still coming and I’m here to help you get there!


07:00 - 09:00PM

Meet in the Registration and Gallery area for sliders, salad and a drink and the chance to meet and rub shoulders with your fellow students and the Artist Teachers.  The ticket price includes food and 1 drink. The Cash bar will also be open after that.


Thursday Lunch

Amsterdam will be onhand Thursday from 12.30 to 1.30pm to talk about the History of Acrylics. This is a free event to all students who have booked classes with the teachers.

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