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Masse Art Studio comprises of two Abstract Acrylic Artists who are studio partners as well as partners in life.

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy's favored painting styles and techniques match his personality. He prefers to use bright and less obvious color palettes and creates beautiful textures using the Dutch Pour and Wrecked Ring Pours. His art is organized chaos, it always invokes a feeling and is something that makes you take a step back and think.

Meet Lee

The Acrylic Pouring techniques that Lee loves to use and excels at are the ones with structure and organized order, those that develop intricate layers to create a picture. This includes the Ribbon pours and the Cup pours. His favorite color palettes are those that include blues, purples, greens and golds but he is comfortable breaking out of that comfort zone ... on occasion.

Although relatively new on the Paint Pouring scene Masse Art Studio have grown into a well known and globally recognized brand. Jeremys work in displayed in Galleries in their hometown of Dallas and Lee was invited to take part in a TV show which will be airing in November 2021. They teach all types of fluid art to individuals, groups as well as through their much loved Patreon account at

Together and through their art and YouTube channel Lee and Jeremy hope to entertain and educate and offer individuals and artists of all levels something to learn and inspire them.

In Lee and Jeremy's classes you will learn canvas prep, pouring recipes and everything you need to know to pour the perfect pours.

Art by Masse Art Studio


All Sessions by Masse Art Studio

DAY 1 July 21, 2022


02:00 - 05:00PM

If you have never poured paint before, if you are an intermediate pourer or someone who pours every day you will get something from this fun class. We will talk consistency, color theory and get to layer and dirty pour paints into cups before making some beautiful art.

Meet & Greet Reception

06:30 - 08:30PM

Meet at 'The Studio' in the Host Hotel for some Nibbles and the chance to meet your fellow students and the Artist Teachers. The Cash bar will also be open. The event will run from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on Thursday evening.

How to stretch your own canvases

12:30 - 1:30PM

Jerrys Artarama will be onhand Thursday from 12.30 to 1.30pm to demonstrate 'How to stretch your own canvases' This is a free event to all students who have booked classes with the teachers.

DAY 2 July 22, 2022


09:00 - 12:00PM

Are your ring pours wonky, are your straight pours just miserable? We might have the answers. Come and spend some time with us so we can show you everything we know about our two favorite techniques. We will have some fabulous paints to play with and you will leave this class full of knowledge and confidence, we guarantee it!


07:30 - 12:00AM

Please join us for a sir down buffet dinner with a cash bar available. Once the food has been eaten and whilst the drinks are flowing we will open the floor up to an Artist Q&A. After this there will be a raffle of Art and Gift Baskets chock full of products donated


12:30 - 1:45PM

Come see multiple canvases created and watch him pour over 50 canvases at a time. These limited edition canvases will them be available too purchase the following day. This event is can be purchased even if you haven't booked classes elsewhere

DAY 3 July 23, 2022


09:00 - 12:00PM

This class is a little more advanced but if you are a beginner we promise you will still have fun. We will pour some stunning Ring Pours and then wreck them to create stunning designs and then go grab those dustpans! No you're not cleaning up! But you will be pouring paint into them and from them to create a stunning negative space piece! What other use for a Dustpan is there!!

Wrap Party

08:00 - 12:00PM

It's a WRAP!! Come and celebrate the end of this wonderful 3 day event, offsite at TK's in Addison. We will have an open bar from 8pm to Midnight and a cash bar thereafter. Nibbles, DJ, Photo Booth and dancing. Students are responsible for their own travel to and from this event.