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Kanella Ciraco is an internationally known Fluid and Resin Artist born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She has been working with acrylics and resin for the last 4+ years. Kanella is self-taught and shares her knowledge on many social media platforms. You can find many of her tutorials on her YouTube channel “Kanella Ciraco Art”.

She loves to use different colors in her artwork but her favorite color will always be blue! She creates many pieces using shades of blue which remind her of the oceans in Greece where her family is from. She has also been featured in the United Colours of Design Magazine many times.

Kanella’s favorite tool to use when creating art is her hair dryer! She has learned how to manipulate the paint the way she wants to create beautiful compositions in her paintings. She shares this knowledge by teaching in person classes from her home studio. She also teaches classes within the USA.Kanella currently resides in London, Ontario with her husband, two children and her two Siberian Husky pups Juno & Echo!In Kanella’s classes you will learn all about paint consistency, how to use your hair dryer, how to create the perfect compositions and MORE!

Art by Kanella Ciraco Art


All Sessions by Kanella Ciraco Art

DAY 1 April 27th, 2023


08:30 - 11:30AM

Ready to dive into the Dutch Pour Technique?
In this class, students will learn all about the basics, including:
How to mix paints & ratios

  • Consistency of paints

  • Flooding your canvas

  • Layering your paints

  • Composition

  • How to hold your hair dryer / angle

  • Blow out execution

In addition to the class size being small by design, each student will also have dedicated one-on-one
instruction from me. Join me in this beginner class where you will learn in a hands-on environment and walk away with a gorgeous Dutch pour of your own.


02:00 - 05:00PM

A diptych is a two-piece set of wall art and if you follow me on YouTube, you know about my infamous
‘Matchy Matchy’ catch phrase and style.
If you are ready to begin creating multi-piece works of art, this class is calling your name.
I will be leading a small group through this hands-on session. We will review the basics of the Dutch
pour and then we’ll roll right into:


  • Prep and placement of canvases

  • How to create a two-part composition that visibly flows together

  • How to blow out your paints to ensure you have that ‘matchy matchy’ finish

Students in this class will pour on two side-by-side 12x12” canvases.

DAY 2 April 28th, 2023


08:30 - 11:30AM

You know what they say… Go Big or Go Home!
Are you growing tired of working with small canvases? Ready to create statement pieces that deserve a spot on large walls? Join me as I lead a small group through the ins and outs of creating large-scale Dutch pours using my signature wispy lines!
In this hands-on session, in addition to reviewing Dutch pour basics, we will also cover:


  • How to create a beautiful composition on an oversized canvas

  • How to control the hair dryer

  • Which way or where to start blowing your paints first


Students in this class will be pouring on 18x24” canvases.


02:00 - 05:00PM

If you follow me on YouTube, you’ll recognize my infamous contrasting flood-coat Dutch pour
technique. Take a walk on the wild side with me as we lay down a juxtaposed black and white flood-
coat before introducing the layers of strategically placed lines of color.
Then, I’ll teach students how to carefully execute the blow-out in a way that ensures the two base colors don’t mix together.
Pre-requisite: please ensure that you are already familiar with the Dutch pour basics prior to registering for this class. This session is for intermediate students who are ready to take their art to the next level.
In addition to the class size being small by design, each student will also have dedicated one-on-one
instruction from me.

DAY 3 April 29th, 2023


08:30 - 11:30AM

Have you ever wanted to try resin but you didn’t know where to start?
If so, this is the class for you!
In this class students will learn the basics of resin:


  • How to properly mix Part A and Part B.

  • How to use colourants, like TLP pigments with resin.

  • How to create a beautiful abstract piece of art with resin, a substrate and a heat gun.

Bonus: I will also be doing a demonstration on how to finish your acrylic art with a coat of resin for high shine and durability!
The resin we will be using is my favorite brand, Krystal Resin.


02:00 - 05:00PM

You’re already familiar with the basic Dutch pour technique on a white base. Now, level up your art
with metallic, iridescent and pearl paints! With paints from the Iridescent Pebeo line, Amsterdam
Metallics and Arteza Pearls, you’re going to need sunglasses when you’re done with this class!
Join me as I walk you through how to create the ultimate SHIMMER piece of art!
If you’ve tried using a black base and wondered why your vibrant colors keep getting swallowed up, this class is for you! I will show you how to keep your colors from getting muddy and muted.
You will learn everything from the beginner class, get one-on-one time with me and more!

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